Members of the Month


Sigma Kappa prides herself on the incredible women this organization creates. We are so proud of our sister who takes our values of friendship, personal growth, loyalty, and service into their lives academically and in ways that help the community. Here on this page, we highlight the member of Sigma Kappa who have done outstanding things in their lives. We are so proud of them!

October: Ashley Golding

This month, we want to recognize our incredible Vice President of Membership, Ashley Golding! Due to COVID-19, Oregon State University had to have Fall Formal recruitment totally virtually. Ashley has to quickly switch her plans and guide all of us through completely uncharted territory of virtual recruitment. Ashley worked day and night to make recruitment amazing for the members and the potential new members, and it really showed with how smoothly recruitment went this term. Ashley showed great personal growth by showing the whole chapter what an excellent leader she is. Our beautiful new member class is all because of the hard work of Ashley and her team

"If you would’ve asked me back in November to be Vice President of Membership during a pandemic that would result in me hosting completely virtual recruitment over zoom I would have called you crazy! Everything from making 100+ spreadsheets to the endless amount of zoom meetings connecting virtually with all our new members made it so worth it! My sisters who recruited made me so proud throughout this entire recruitment process by adapting with every change and surprising me by going above and beyond what I thought they were capable of! It’s been an absolute dream serving as VPM!” -Ashley 

We are so sad that Ashley is graduating this year, but we are so lucky to have had her for these past four years. We can’t wait to see where Ashley will conquer in her future! 

September: Christina Gollmyer

September’s Member of the Month is Sister Christina Gollmyer! Christina was selected this month for her passion for Greek Life and the opportunities it can lead to. Currently, Christina is on sigma kappa Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access creative team (DEIA). The DEIA’s goals are to make changes in the right direction to create a welcoming, safe, and meaningful experience for all members. DEIA is reassessing Greek Life and our policies to determine how we are contributing to social injustice. The team is working to make Greek Life a more inclusive space by learning the perspectives of our sisters and peers who identify as Black Indigenous and/or women of color, as well as LGBTQIA+ women, and women with disabilities. It is no secret that Greek Life has a dark background, by gatekeeping chapters from certain women based on race, sexual identity, or socioeconomic status. It is irresponsible to ignore our past and make no effort to break down those stereotypes. Greek Life in 2020 is so diverse with women from all backgrounds and we are so proud of Christina for using her position to highlight them as well as create resources for others to educate themselves. 


August: Sophia Zoll

August’s Member of the Month is Sophia Zoll! Sophia is spending her Summer working at The Greenfield State Park in New Hampshire! Sophia is a sophomore at Oregon State and currently majoring in Environmental Science so she is very excited to use her major in the real world. As a park ranger, Sophia crew/patrol and half in the field. While patrol she goes around cleaning campsites and the beaches and trails as well as general maintenance. While on crew responsibilities, Sophia handles camping reservations and sales. Sophia’s day to day responsibilities includes driving around the campsites and make sure everybody who checked in is there and restoring their site after they leave. Sophia’s days also include patrolling the beaches to keep things clean and help people if they need it. Because of COVID-19, Sophia and her co-workers all wear masks to protect themselves and others. Sophia is showing Sigma Kappa’s values of personal growth by excelling at this job that helps her further her education and her future career and we are very proud of her!


July: Caydan Henslee

July’s Member of the Month is Caydan Henslee! Caydan has finished her first month at her internship at Peterson Pacific in Eugene, Oregon! Caydan’s internship is a part of MECOP, formerly known as Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program, that she got through the College of Business at Oregon State University. Caydan’s everyday responsibilities range day by day, but she spends a lot of her internship processing leads for potential customers, attending team meetings, search engine optimization, lead generation, and social media campaigns!  Caydan has proven her leadership within our chapter and we are so proud of her for pushing her personal growth by taking this internship!



June: Kirstin Lovely

This month’s member of the month is Sister Kirstin Lovely! During these unprecedented, unknown, and somewhat scary times, we appreciate all of our essential workers. After having to move to online learning due to Oregon State’s COVID-19 response, Kirstin misses her friends, sisters, and her sense of community. Kirstin looked at what was going on in your community and saw that they needed more employees to help at the grocery stores. Kirstin said that she had her eyes on a job at Safeway, but now seemed like the perfect time. Kirstin knew that she could give back to her community by making sure that people of her city could have a safe grocery shopping experience to bring back food to their families. 

Due to COVID-19, a lot of businesses are taking a lot of health precautions in order to keep their employees and their customers safe. Kirstin is mindful of these precautions by always wearing a mask at work, carrying and using hand sanitizer, and keeping 6 feet apart from other people. On her first day, Kirstin was told that one of her coworkers tested positive for the coronavirus. The team at Safeway carefully watched the security camera footage to see who he had interacted with. The employees who did have contact were to take a paid two-week quarantine. Kirstin admits that this was a pretty scary first day, but in the sisterhood, Kirstin is known to be a strong, determined, and hardworking woman. 

Sigma Kappa is so proud that Kirstin decided to take her abilities to the workforce to become an essential worker, especially during a global pandemic. Sigma Kappa thanks all of the essential workers coast to coast for looking fear into the eyes and deciding to go to work so their community can thrive. 


May: Maggie Flynn

This month’s Member of the Month is Sister Maggie Flynn! Maggie is currently working as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Good Samaritan Hospital in Lebanon working on the frontlines of battling COVID-19! Maggie starts her day by getting the report from the night crew, and then she starts reassessing the patients and taking their vitals and checking to see how they are doing. Maggie then tends to their needs depending on what they are admitted for, checking in with the doctor to see if her patient needs anything extra. Maggie returns to each patient every four hours to retake their vitals and check in with them. If a patient has an operation scheduled for later that day, Maggie helps with pre and post-op care and their course of treatment for when they get back. Every patient is different and requires different care. Maggie has to be really quick on her feet and know when to step in and when to stand and observe and learn.   

Due to COVID-19, Maggie has to take a lot of safety precautions when coming back home from the hospital to prevent the spread of illness. Since the pandemic started, the hospital staff uses their full PPE (personal protective equipment) to come in contact with patients to rule out COVID-19. The staff then isolates themselves until the patient tests negative for the virus.  When Maggie comes home, she washes all her scrubs from the hospital in a separate load from her regular clothes and immediately showers. Maggie has shown so much Personal Growth during her schooling and her job to eventually become a nurse! This is a crazy, uncertain, and scary time for the county, and we are so proud that one of our Sisters is working on the frontlines. 

“Every day it seems you learn or see something new, which can be challenging at times, but I just try to take it day by day!”

March: Morgan Grindy 

March’s Member of the Month is Sister Morgan Grindy! Morgan is currently the editor-in-chief of the Oregon State University’s lifestyle magazine, Beaver Digest. At her position, she oversees a staff of student employees who write articles, and create multimedia content to publish for the online magazine. Beaver Digest publishes articles on student life, campus events, trends, health, wellness, and relevant issues in the OSU community. Morgan uses her leadership position at Beaver Digest to help share stories of students from all over campus and highlight student groups big and small that are doing great things for the community. Morgan helps Beaver Digest and her team to follow Orange Media Network’s mission to elevate diverse student voices, challenge views, build grit, and engage the community. Morgan says “The best way I inspire people is through promoting diverse representation in college media, and engaging the community in topics that are important to us as students.” 

Morgan dreams of becoming a journalist in the future and she has taken the steps to achieve her dream. Morgan has been chosen out of hundreds of applicants for an interview at Charles Snowden Program of Excellence in Journalism, at the University of Oregon campus for a potential summer internship at one of Oregon’s newspapers. Morgan was interviewed by the University of Oregon’s journalism professors and editor-in-chief of Eugene Weekly! This is a prestigious program for Oregon journalism and Morgan is very flattered to be asked for an interview. Sigma Kappa is so proud of our sister for the incredible work she is doing and so excited to see where her determination takes her in the future! Great job Morgan!



 January: Merissa Berge

The member for January is Sister Merissa Berge! Merissa spent her christmas break making over 50 goodie bags and personally delivered them on christmas day to the homeless people of Portland. Inside the bags were gloves, hats, toothpaste, and deodorant. Merissa collected the funds for the goodie bags with donations from her friends and family. There are estimated 4,177 homeless persons in Multnomah County. Sigma Kappa is proud of our sister who recognizes this problem and takes action to help those in need. Great job Merissa, Sigma Kappa is lucky to have you as a sister!