Sigma Kappa



Winter 2017 Edition


Dear Emily,

We really didn’t get to know you for that long, but I’ve always been a bigger fan of depth than length. The first time I knew your name was on Bid Day. Us, freshly bid Sigma Kappas, were taking pictures on our freshly rolled out lawn, and you and I sat right in the front. Snapbacks on backwards, vibrant two sizes too big orange tank tops and smiles wider than the grand canyon. I remember someone, but I can’t recall who, yelled out “Pretend like you love each other!” We all laughed, scrunched together, and you said “I’m not pretending” under your breath and that’s how I knew you meant it. That was the first thing you taught me: was to care, to care deeply, and to care for no reason at all.

The first time I heard your name was during a new member meeting, where all of us sat scattered like rain on a car windshield, not really knowing anyone. You broke the dark awkward silence with one swing of your theatric sunshine voice and had everyone roaring with laughter in our spinning chairs. A chance to be ourselves, our weird and wonderful selves, that was the second thing you taught me.

The first time I read your name was the worst. A Facebook post at 9am, tossed bed sheets, frantic text messages, hollow hellos and a drizzly walk later we learned that you had a lot more depth with us than length of time. The upperclassmen acted like a pot, the underclassmen like boiling water; holding us together with their steel like hugs and cool hands to wipe away our hot tears. Your presence, even if it was just a short period of time, was the best present you could have given to the rest of your sisters in the Upsilon Chapter. Your fierce personality, sunshine attitude, and sparkly hellos acted like a pink bow on the gift of teaching us to care deeply about our wonderful sisters, and enjoy every second of it. And for that, I speak for myself and the rest of your Sigma Kappa Sisters, by saying,

Thank you Emily.


Emily grasping the beach ball with her sunshine smile.


The Greek Community at Oregon State University having its own special memorial.


Sigma Kappa Pledge Class of 2016 on Bid Day, Emily found in the center of the front row with a Snapback.


Emily Reedy and her “twin” Jessica Grose sporting smiles with their new Big Lily Grant


Emily Reedy sporting her theatric sunshine smile.